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Recent and Upcoming Projects

Cellista's Pariah - recorded at EastWest Studios, album release Oct 1, 2021

Cellista's RAGE - virtual film premiere and album release Oct 15, 2020

Cellista's Transfigurations - virtual presentation by City Lights Theater Company's The Next Stage June 27, 2020


City Lights Theater Company's Cabaret - Jul 18-Aug 25, 2019

Contemporary Commissions Project - debut concert Aug 19, 2018

City Lights Theater Company's Lizzie - South Bay Area premiere Jul-Aug 2017

Steve Reich's Drumming ft. Russell Hartenberger - Nief Norf Summer Festival 2017 finale marathon concert in conjunction with the 6th International Conference on Music and Minimalism Jun 2017

Stockhausen's Kathinkas Gesang als Luzifers Requiem, Samstag aus Licht - United States premiere, CalArts Stockhausen Festival Feb 2015

John Luther Adams' Sila: The Breath of the World - 69th Annual Ojai Music Festival, toured to Ojai North at U.C. Berkeley (Bay Area premiere) Jun 2015

George Wheeler's Arise - world premiere with NEXT Dance Company Apr 2015

David Newman's Movement for bassoon and chamber orchestra - REDCAT recording Apr 2015

John Luther Adams' Inuksuit - West Coast premiere at 66th Annual Oaji Music Festival Jun 2012

Gloria Coates' Symphony No. 10 (Drones of Druids on Celtic Ruins - REDCAT's Gloria Coates Portrait Concert, Nov 2014

Cage/Cunningham MinEvent - with Chapman University Collaborative Spirit music and dance ensemble Apr 2011

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